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Dewar's 'Highlander Honey'

"DEWAR'S Highlander Honey delivers fantastic notes of honey, but still retains the treasured characteristics of the original blend, which is renowned for its complex taste profile and its unparalleled smoothness," - Stephanie Macleod , Master Blender for DEWAR'S.

By using DEWAR'S WHITE LABEL as the core for DEWAR'S Highlander Honey, the infusion process builds on the already present honey aromas found in the blend and creates an exceptionally well-rounded and harmonious taste profile that we have come to expect from DEWAR'S.


John Dewar & Son's

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Technical Notes

Product Number | 5024
Bottle Price: $29.95
Case Price: $323.46

Per Case: 12 x 1.00 L
Distiller: John Dewar & Son's
Region: PerthshireUnited Kingdom
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